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Praia do Tofo is 22 km from the airport of Inhambane. LAM (
Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique, S. A.) offers
several flights per week from Johannesburg to Inhambane. On every other day, the flight will go to Vilanculos first and then continue to Inhambane. Flying time for the direct flight is just 1 1/2 hours. This flight is unfortunately not cheap. A round-trip ticket (economy class) is between US $ 400 and 440, if you book via our local travel agency, Terra Agua Ceu. As an alternative to the direct flight from Johannesburg to Inhambane, you can also fly from Johannesburg to Maputo and catch a flight to Inhambane there. The fare for this ticket is a little cheaper than for the direct flight (US $ 390 - 410 for the round trip), if you book through Terra Agua Ceu. All major international airlines offer flights to and from Johannesburg. Here are some fare examples (economy class, round trip; as of March 14; early booking is advisable):

Paris - Johannesburg (round trip, British Airways, via London): US $ 566
London - Johannesburg (round trip; Air France): US $ 744 
Frankfurt - Johannesburg (round trip, Etihad): US $ 672
Frankfurt - Johannesburg (round trip; Air France): 682
Washington, DC - Johannesburg (round trip, South African Airways): US $ 1067

Travelschemes (more to follow): From Washington, DC, September 04 - 10

Please reserve at least three hours for the transfer at Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Airport. It is not recommended to check your luggage through to Inhambane, because it gets frequently lost at Johannesburg O.R. Tambo airport if you do this. This requires you to pass through South African Immigration to collect your luggage and check in at the LAM counter (usually counters A70 - A72, departure hall, terminal A).
After the long flight from Europe or the US, it may be advisable to spend one night in a hotel at Johannesburg O.R. Tambo Airport, for example in the Southern Sun Hotel or the Garden Court Hotel. Both of them are easily reached within minutes from the airport by complimentary shuttle (departure from the bus terminal behind the Intercontinental Hotel). There are other hotels at or near the airport and our local travel agency, Terra Agua Ceu, can help you book one of these.
Also, if you arrive in the morning at Johannesburg airport, but too late to catch the LAM flight to Inhambane, you might be interested to participate in a city tour of Johannesburg, including Soweto township. Again, this can be booked through
Terra Agua Ceu.


Some international airlines such as Ethiopian, Kenya Airways, South African, and TAP Portugal fly to Maputo. The flight from there to Inhambane is cheaper than the one from Johannesburg to Inhambane, so this might be an interesting alternative.


Our local travel agency, Terra Agua Ceu, will offer airport transfer, if you let us know your arrival time in advance. The fee will be 500 MZN (approx. US $ 15) per person. If you take a regular taxi to Tofo from Inhambane airport, you should not pay more than 1000 MZN (approx. US $ 30; negotiation can help to reduce the rate to about 800 MZN or less).

Note that there is no opportunity to change money at the airport. The Agua Terra Ceu shuttle will stop at the ATM at the petrol station 5 km before Tofo; note that this ATM only accepts Visa and Mastercard cards. American Express cards are generally not accepted in Mozambique. At the petrol station near Tofo, there is also a small branch of the BCI bank; if you do not arrive at the weekend, you can change money here.

Note that car rentals are not available at Inhambane airport, but pre-booked cars can be delivered there.


It is at least an 18-hour trip from Johannesburg to Inhambane (via Maputo). The road from Maputo to Inhambane (about 480 km) is quite busy. Also, there are usually many police checkpoints, so your progress will likely be slow. Under all circumstances, avoid driving at night!


Residents of all countries except SADC (South African Development Cooperation) member states will need a visa to enter Mozambique. Visa can be obtained from the Mozambican Embassy in your home country; allow at least two and better four weeks for the procedure.

We will send Letters of Invitation to all registered participants; these are needed for the visa application.

Links to Mozambican Embassies in some countries:

France: Paris
Germany: Berlin
UK: London
USA: Washington, DC

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