15th International Conference on the Crystallization of Biological Macromolecules, September 17 - 20, 2014 - Hamburg, Germany
Crystallization Workshop, September 14 - 16
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Welcome to ICCBM15

Dear colleagues, postdocs, students and friends,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to join ICCBM15 with focus on macromolecular crystallization for novel radiation sources such as free electron lasers and use of complementary methods (e.g. CryoEM). The exciting program features many highly-esteemed colleagues from all over the world.

For the individual desiring to learn how to grow crystals or to acquire new crystallization skills, the conference is preceded by a 2.5 days workshop consisting of short presentations, practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises taught by an international team of experts.

We very much look forward to personally welcome you and/or your colleagues in Hamburg for an illuminating meeting.

Christian Betzel and Jeroen Mesters

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please send an email to info@iccbm15.org

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