15th International Conference on the Crystallization of Biological Macromolecules, September 17 - 20, 2014 - Hamburg, Germany
Crystallization Workshop, September 14 - 16
ICCBM15 Pages Scientific Program at a Glance

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- Scientific Program -
Sep. 17:
Registration (08:00 a.m.)
Opening Ceremony
(08:55 a.m.)
Opening Keynote (09:25 a.m.)
    Speaker: Leonid Sazanov
Coffee Break (10:10 a.m.)
Membrane Protein Crystallization (L. DeLucas & H. Tidow)
    Speakers: Vadim Cherezov; Poul Nissen; Hartmut Luecke;
                   Francoise Bonnete
Lunch break (12:35 a.m.)
Crystallization for Leads Identification in Industry (M. Hennig     & U. Egner)
Jörg Benz; Linda Öster; Pamela Williams
Coffee break
(03:20 p.m.)
Screening for Crystals (J. Newman & S. Gourinath)
    Speakers: Simon Newstead; Fabrice Gorrec; Edward Snell
Exhibition and Posters (05:20 p.m.)

Sep. 18:

(08:15 - 08:55 a.m.)
Complementary Methods (Th. Marlovits & A. Pearson)
    Speakers: Trevor Forsyth; Anthony Watts; Georgeos Skiniotis;
                   Jan-Pieter Abrahams; Henning Stahlberg
Coffee break (10:30 a.m.)
Exhibition and Posters
Lunch break
(12:00 - 12:55 a.m.)
Nucleation Theory and Prac
tice (P. Vekilov & A. van Driessche)
    Speakers: Dominique Maes;
Elias Vlieg; Dr. Jan Sedzik;
                   Dimitri Radajewski
Coffee break (02:40 p.m.)
In-Vivo Crystallization (M. Duszenko & L. Redecke)
    Speakers: Faselli Coulibaly;
Cait MacPhee;  Daniel Passon
(05:10 p.m.)
     Speaker: Richard Giege
Conference Dinner
(20:00 p.m.)

Sep. 19:
Registration (08:15 - 08:55 a.m.)
Crystallization and Scoring for SFX
(H. Chapman & J. Helliwel)
Andrew Aquila; Petra Fromme; Guillermo Calero;                                Gergely Katona
Coffee break
(10:40 - 11:15 a.m.)
Counter-Diffusion/Microfluidics (C. Sauter & J.A. Gavira)
    Speakers: Sachiko Takahashi; Sarah Perry; Michael Heymann

Lunch break (12:45 a.m.)
Crystallization for Neutron Diffraction
(D. Logan & W. Saenger)
    Speakers: Zoe Fisher; Akihiko Nakamura;
Tobias Schrader
Coffee break (03:00 - 03:40 p.m.)
(D.C. Yin & R. Giege)
    Speakers: Shigeru Sugiyama; Abel Moreno; Da-Chuan Yin
Keynote (05:30 p.m.)
    Speaker: Werner Kuehlbrandt

Sep. 20:
Registration (08:30 - 08:55 a.m.)
Scoring and optimization in Crystallization (R. Meijers & C.
    Speakers: Janet Newman
; Martin Caffrey; Bostjan Kobe
Coffee break (10:35 - 11:00 a.m.)
Latest Hot Topics
Speakers: Vasundara Srinivasan; Alexandra Ros
    Speaker: Christopher Tate.
End of Conference (01:15 p.m.)

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