15th International Conference on the Crystallization of Biological Macromolecules, September 17 - 20, 2014 - Hamburg, Germany
Crystallization Workshop, September 14 - 16
ICCBM15 Pages Registration and Fee

Registration Desk:

 - Online registration desk has been closed down -

 - On-site
registration however
(University Main Building, Hamburg)

is  possible and opens Sep. 17th -

Please first consult our general information page and hotels and prices before proceeding to the Conference Registration Desk. Please proceed to the end of this panel for the Workshop+Conference application form.

Conference fees include:
  • Assistance / Advice with travel- and hotel-issues
  • Attendance of all conference and poster sessions
  • Coffee breaks and lunches during the conference
  • Conference bag with abstract book and further material
  • Certificate of participation / presentation (upon request)
  • IOBCr contributory charge / membership (15 €)
Fees ICCBM15

- Sorry, the workshop is completely full/overbooked -

*For all students, Workshop+Conference applications should include a proof of student status, a letter of support from your PI, a 1-page CV and a brief motivation (max. 200 words). Affordable on-site housing for students will be made available (Sep. 13 to 16 only). Apply by completing the Workshop Application Form (alternatively, download and return the following file to info@iccbm15.org).

 - Sorry, the workshop is completely full/overbooked -

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